What is Hacking and How to be a Hacker

What is Hacking and How to be a Hacker


What is Hacking

I have been asked too many times about hackers and hacking but i have noticed that almost every time not too many people know what is hacking… well, i think there are not too many hackers, ho can really really answer to this question. Most people think of the news related to big companies having security problems as their data is compromised. But in truth, hacking goes a LOT further than just hacking databases and quite often, too many people don’t see how widespread computer hacking can be.

Most people believe now in the concept of cyber crime and believe that hacking is an offence, but few people are really aware of precisely what the offence is and the potential sentences that are available. As computer crime, and indeed the use of computers in general, is a very fast moving area, attempts at making legislation future-proof have been attempted and have failed. It is interesting to consider how the law has evolved in this regard.

But What is Hacking ? Computer hacking is actually the technique of developing malware alterations to a program,service,server… so as to obtain a goal beyond the original purpose of the creator. A person who involves in these types of tasks is usually a qualified programmer who believes hacking being an art work as well as to use their abilities in real life situations.

How to be a Hacker

There is a limited amount of hackers in the world and all of them are different. Not all hackers are the same, and a lot of hackers have different views on Hacking, what makes us hackers is the desire to learn, the desire to tweak any object we encounter, we want control, we don’t want to be controlled, we want to be anonymous, and we are intellectually years ahead of others… we could go on on this list if boredom didn’t exist.

But how to be a Hacker and do you know if you have the Hacker Mindset !? My favorite thing about the hacker community is how open it is to anyone. Quoted from the Hacker Manifesto:

We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias In your days of being a hacker you will make friends from more than one country, you will meet someone that is a different religion than you, and you will encounter numerous people with a different mindset than you; but it doesn’t matter. You, as well as them, will be accepted as long as you follow the basic guidelines.

You don’t come into the hacker community as the best. Do not expect to be treated as a god when it is your first day. It takes work to earn the respect of a great hacker and there are are many things that you have to learn to reach that glorious Real Hacker status.

How to Hack

There are so many things that you need to learn how to hack in order to be a successful hacker that is almost overwhelming. Let’s just try to sun this up…

PC and Network SecurityWebsite Hacking  with SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting XSS etc. - The Hacker Jargon (Slang) - Social Engineering – Human HackingData EncryptionWiFi HackingLinux / Unix - Programming language

Well, if you are still reading after that boring history lesson, then that means you are showing the greatest virtue of a Real Hacker… Patience. I would advise you to head on the forums and continue your quest from there… see you there!

Stay hungry… stay foolish… be Patient! : )

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