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What is a BACKLINK ?

Also called as a inbound link exchange, is the link for your website from another website. This is very important because search engines follow the links in your site to other sites and viceversa.

There are many ways to build inbound links for your website but one of them, and the most easy, would be to join a Link Exchange Network that could just do all the hard work for you. Also you must be very careful cause not all of them are to be trusted and you may end up just waiting for your page rank and traffic to rise.

Link Exchange

VoltRank was created from the experience of a group of SEO enthusiasts who began their collaboration in 2001. At the time they created a set of SEO tools that catered for their own needs. As a result of an ongoing progress, in 2006 they were able to gather a team of expert programmers where each and everyone was a specialist in their field. Today, the very same group of people is responsible for the development of VoltRank.

Best 7 Reasons to use VoltRank – Link Exchange Network

FREE BackLinks

1. Text Links or Text Ads
VoltRank understands that link diversity is an important aspect of any linkbuilding campaign and is offering you two different link options, one as text link that appears within the content portion of a website, and one as text ads which are text-based advertisements linking back to your website.

2. Guaranteed Quality One-Way Links
Obtaining one-way links from websites with high PageRank is often cited as the “Holy Grail” of linkbuilding… Because quality is important to us, we review all sites submited to our system. Any sites that we feel could be potentially damaging or of little value to our clients are rejected.

3. Affordable because it’s FREE
Our tool is absolutely free and will remain free. That’s our guarantee. In exchange for providing an awesome time saving linkbuilding tool, we ask that you allow us to sprinkle in a few sponsorships links.

4. Unlimited Links & Customized Anchor Texts
Quality links are necessary for a site to gain high rankings within the search engines, but quantity is also important. We do not limit the amount of links you can obtain from using our services.

5. User-friendly Interface Data at Your Fingertips

Everything you need to know about your campaign is captured in one place. Organizing, sorting and filtering abilities make ad management easy.

6. Enjoy Automated Natural Link Growth

VoltRank takes the burden of linkbuilding off of you by automating the process. We also understand the importance of link growth appearing natural in the eyes of search engines; we don’t leave any footprints behind.

7. Set-Up in 4 Easy Steps

Installation is simple and we’ll guide you every step of the way. Copy our files to your account and set file permissions, then paste code snippet into your site configure how ads should be displayed.


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