About Us

imPassed was created from the experience of a small group of SEO enthusiasts and internet bloggers who began their collaboration in 2010. At the time we created a set of blogs and websites for our own needs and as a result of an ongoing progress we were able to gather a small team of expert bloggers where each and everyone was a specialist in their field. Today, the very same group of people is responsible for the development of imPassed.

What we Do

imPassed is about real reviews and real ratings. All what we do is help the internet user to find real opinions about different products and services of their choice.

Ex: A member of our community asks for opinions about a software or service that he really needs, or about a new movie… before spending his time and money for something that he is not sure if is worth the cost, everyone in the community gives his opinion and vote for that product or service.

Why we are Different

From the start, we were against paid / blathered reviews and ratings that flooded the Internet. After some time, we realized there was a niche on the market. There’s a great number of people with decent services who are not interested in systems dedicated to paid reviews and ratings. imPassed was born with these kind of people in mind – normal internet users, daily clients, owners of real websites with original and relevant content. This is what we are. A White Hat network committed to mutual cooperation of website owners and internet users.

What we stress in day-to-day operations, is the human involvement into the moderation process of reviews and ratings.


What’s in it for Us

imPassed.com is FREE to JOIN and we hope it will stay that way FOR EVER. Initially, we finance the project ourselves and most of our work is based on the support of the WordPress communities. After our system reaches a certain level of maturity, our business model will include premium accounts with greater possibilities for members and marketers.

What the Future holds

Once a member passes a certain level of activity, his account will become premium and it will be paid for every post, comment or rating in what they are involved. In the nearest future we wish to build a FREE and OPEN network where everyone will be paid in a real Paid/Post , Paid/Vote , Paid/Comment system.